Zegt-ie, zeg ik – aflevering 7: at the ‘Van Goog Museum’

`Do you think they got a McDonalds inside? – I’m just dying for a burger!’
`Don’t know. According to my “Doing Europe in a fortnight”- guide, I’m afraid there won’t be any, Mary-Jane’
`Gee, I just simply hate it when there isn’t a Mac around, you know’
`Yeah, I know. But let’s just do this van Goog-thing and then we can get back to the Leidseplein and get a burger or two’
`Yeah, yeah let’s just do that’
`Right, where are these sunflowers? I can only see these weird landscapes and stuff’
`Look! Over here, Betty – the potato-eaters!’
`Oh gosh, don’t they look depressing’
`They even look more depressed in real than in my catelogue’
`Yeah, they do, don’t they?’
`Sure thing’
`Rather a small museum this, don’t you think’
`Yeah, if you compare it to our Guggenheim for instance’
`Right, this is peanuts. Sure we don’t have a van Goog but at least we built decent museums for our artists’
`You’re damn right about that one!’
`Well at least we don’t have to wait too much longer for our burger with museums of this size, ha ha ha!’
`Oh look, Mary-Jane! There’s a giftshop!’
`You think they’d have these sunflowers on a postcard? I’d really love to sent John such a card – I know he just adores yellow’
`Let’s have a look then – why the hell spent all this time in the museum when they’re all so conveniently gathered in a shop’
`That’s right. Oh look! They also got great sweaters hangin’ over there?’
`Gee, yes, don’t they look lovely. Do you think they’ve got John size?’
`Better first check the prize, Betty. Clothes in Europe are definitely not cheap’
`Surely we can pay with our credit card here’
`But ofcourse, I’d forgotten – we just use Johns credit card. Surely he won’t mind’
`Ofcourse not, you know John’
`Ok, let’s just buy this sweater and a couple of cards’
`Well, do you still want to see the remainder of the museum or shall we just go outside and grab ourselves a burger or two’
`Yeah, let’s just go outside’
`Don’t you hate it that they haven’t got a single decent mall around here? I mean, how can one survive without one?’
`Why don’t we just go home? If we’d hurry we could just be in time for the new sales’
`Yeah, let’s just do that, Betty’

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