Zegt-ie, zeg ik – aflevering 14: Hi there!

*** chatmaster (mao@max82ppp216.pacific.net.sg) has joined #Newbies
[chatmaster] Hi there
[chatmaster] Someone around?
[chatmaster] Hello?
[chatmaster] ZzzZZzzz
*** Christian (java@dport5.coffey.com) has joined #Newbies
[chatmaster] Ha! Hello Christian.
[Christian] Hi Chatmaster!
[Christian] How are things in here?
[chatmaster] Quiet, to say the least. Just the two of us.
[Christian] To bad there aren’t babes around, is it?
[chatmaster] That’s for sure. I heard that Helen though might join a little later!
[Christian] She will? That would be great!
[chatmaster] I know…
[chatmaster] But for the time being we’re stuck with eachother.
[chatmaster] How was your day today?
[Christian] Don’t ask.
[chatmaster] That bad?
[Christian] Don’t ask.
[Christian] How was YOUR day today?
*** Thaforce (java@dport5.coffey.com) has joined #Newbies
[chatmaster] Quite ok, actually.
[chatmaster] Hi there, Thaforce!
[Thaforce] Hi you all. Has Helen been here 2night?
[chatmaster] No man, it’s a slack night up till now
[Thaforce] BRB (in that case)
*** Thaforce (java@dport5.coffey.com) has left #Newbies
[Christian] That was fast!
[Christian] What does BRB mean?
[chatmaster] be right back
[Christian] IC J
*** MoP (la@pm2-15.pclink.com) has joined #Newbies
[MoP] Hello to you’all folks!
[chatmaster] Good evening, MoP. Or isn’t it evening over there? Where’re you from?
[MoP] Bateau Bay, Australia. And you folks?
[Christian] Waco, Texas
[chatmaster] Portland, Oregon
[chatmaster] So it’s actually early in the morning in Brisbane now?
[MoP] Well, 8.56 am to be precise. If it was any earlier I wouldn’t have been here but in bed.
[chatmaster] If it was any LATER and I wouldn’t have been here but in bed. 🙂
* chatmaster grins & yawns
[Christian] What does MoP stand for?
[MoP] Take a guess.
[Christian] Man of Power? More older People? Christ, how should I know?
[MoP] It’s actually Mass of People, but I like `More older people’ aswell. Maybe I should start a political party with that slogan 🙂
[chatmaster] hehe
*** CHATMASTER changes topic to “CHATROOM More older people!”
[Christian] Are you nuts? What if lot’s of older people actually do join in this chat?
[chatmaster] Older people on the internet?
[Christian] Hm, good point. I agree.
[chatmaster] Do you watch NBC by any chance now Christian?
[Christian] No. Why what’s on?
[chatmaster] They’re showing a man who supposedly has lost half his brain in an accident but is still alive.
[Christian] Really?
[Christian] I’m watching now but all I see is commercials.
[chatmaster] It’s after the break.
[MoP] Too bad I don’t have NBC over here.
[chatmaster] There he is. Do you see him now Christian?
[Christian] I do. Not a pretty sight, is it!
[chatmaster] Did you see how he tried to pick up that cup but didn’t succeed?
[Christian] Yep, reminds me of my grandad 😉
* MoP thinks Australia should have NBC aswell
*** Helen (java@dport5.coffey.com) has joined #Newbies
[Helen] Hi guys!
[chatmaster] HELEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Christian] Great that you’ve made it.
[chatmaster] The woman of my dreams
* chatmaster blushes
[Helen] Hi chatmaster, hi Christian, hi MoP. Have I missed something?
[Christian] Nothing much. Thaforce was here for you but immediately disappeared when he discovered when you weren’t around.
[Helen] How do you know that? Did he say that he was looking for me?
[Christian] MOL
[Helen] Huh? Que?
[Christian] More Or Less (MOL)
[Helen] IC
[Christian] Huh? Que? (only joking!)
[Helen] Christian is a funny as ever, isn’t he Chatmaster?
[Helen] CU perhaps later guys, I’m going to look for Thaforce. Did he say were he would be?
[chatmaster] Already leaving? And I wanted to ask you heaps more!
[Helen] You know my email, sent it to me and I’ll reply.
[chatmaster] now that’s an offer I can’t refuse.
[Helen] Night all!
*** Helen (java@dport5.coffey.com) has left #Newbies
[Christian] Well no point in hanging about when Helen is gone. Perhaps we shoudn’t have mentioned Thaforce.
[chatmaster] No we shouldn’t. Sometimes you must not be a gentleman.
[Christian] Ha ha, I agree.
[chatmaster] I think I’m going to bed now.
[MoP] I think I’m going to school now, although I’d rather go to bed aswell.
[Christian] Ok, until next time…
[Christian] CWYL!
[chatmaster] ???
[Christian] chat with ya’ later.
[chatmaster] Okay. Big/Small words confuse me still
[Christian] Ha ha!
[Christian] Good night.
[chatmaster] Good night!
[Christian] Or morning…
*** MoP (la@pm2-15.pclink.com) has left #Newbies
*** Christian (java@dport5.coffey.com) has left #Newbies
[SERVER] chatmaster has quit IRC chatmaster

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