Top 7 Amazing Things to Do in Buffalo WY 2023

Nestled in beautiful Big Horn County is a unique small town between 6,000 and 8,000 ft above sea level. As a scenic splendor, this town offers fantastic opportunities for explorations and sightseeings. Similar to Rock Springs, many things to do in Buffalo WY will make you want to return here again and again. 

Read on to gain insights into what to see and do in the area. This article from WritersBlock is a smart traveling guide to the greatest sights, sounds, and tastes in the charming city of Buffalo.

7 Amazing Things to Do in Buffalo WY

Tour Through Mountain Meadow Wool Mill

To get a feel for the local wool business, a visit to the Mountain Meadow Wool Mill is a great choice. The mill is situated not far from Lovell, Wyoming, within driving distance of Buffalo. There is a gift shop for unique souvenirs handcrafted by local artisans. The wool mill workers are quite friendly, and they will gladly respond to any inquiries you have regarding the business.

As the state’s oldest working wool mill, Mountain Meadow Wool Mill is an important historical landmark. Sheep shearing is another activity you can try there. Since 1919, the mill has operated as a non-profit, using its proceeds to maintain and protect the historic facility.

Tour Through Mountain Meadow Wool Mill
Tour Through Mountain Meadow Wool Mill. Image: Pexels

Dine At Cattleguard Steakhouse & Saloon

The Winchester Steak House, now Cattleguard Steakhouse & Saloon as of December 2021, is an excellent choice if you’re searching for the best high-end western restaurant in Buffalo. It’s located at the base of the Bighorn Mountains, first opened its doors in 1991 and has since attracted customers from all over the world. 

Every time, you can count on a fantastic meal and service that exceeds your expectations. It provides the quintessential fine dining experience with exquisite meals and distinctive western hospitality you won’t miss. Relax after a day of sightseeing with a meal here, with the fried chicken and steaks are that make it renowned.

Dine At Cattleguard Steakhouse & Saloon
Dine At Cattleguard Steakhouse & Saloon. Image: Pexels

Visit Margo’s Pottery & Fine Crafts

When in Buffalo, you really must visit Margo’s Pottery & Fine Crafts, which has predominantly American-made decorative and humorous goods. Some examples of these are pottery, furniture, blown glass, jewelry, cloth arts, wooden utensils, and other metalwork products. Stoneware, porcelain, and earthenware are gorgeous and functional options here. 

Many customers purchase drinking glasses, goblets, and lamp-worked glass here because of the practicality of blown glassware. The jewelry is available in a wide price range and is crafted from a variety of metals, including sterling silver, gold vermeil, and others. All of the jewelry is offered with free delivery.

Visit Margo’s Pottery & Fine Crafts
Visit Margo’s Pottery & Fine Crafts. Image: Pexels

Enjoy 7.1-Mile Out-And-Back Clear Creek Trail

Among the many things to do outside in Buffalo, a hike along the 7.1-mile out-and-back Clear Creek Trail is among the top picks. The trail is smooth and paved with guardrails. Passageways are often broader, ranging from 4 to 8 feet in width. The width of the route has been reduced in several places by painted dividing lines and metal bollards.

You can follow this trail to reach the Bighorn Mountains’ foothills. The minimum time to finish the course is six hours. The trail is somewhat challenging, with some rocky obstacles to overcome. There are also a few spots when wading through water is required. In the fall, when the leaves are most beautiful, hikers will find the Clear Creek Trail a true gem.

Enjoy 7.1 Mile Out And Back Clear Creek Trail
Enjoy 7.1-Mile Out-And-Back Clear Creek Trail. Image: Pexels

Explore Bighorn National Forest

There is no better way to acquire a feel for the Bighorn National Forest than to explore it. Over 1.2 million acres of Wyoming and Montana are covered by forest. Hiking through Bighorn National Forest is a fantastic way to observe abundant wildlife and discover new types of minerals. You can try horseback riding as an additional activity, but it’s only in particular regions.

You can get a bird’s-eye view of the forest thanks to the many hiking routes that wind their way through it. Be aware of the complexities of the forest before setting out on a hike. It’s the windiest and coldest place in North America, and the mountains are the second tallest on the continent. Wear comfortable shoes, and remember to carry lots of water. Near the forest, there are several options for lodging, including campsites and hotels.

Explore Bighorn National Forest
Explore Bighorn National Forest. Image: Pexels

Stroll at Historic Downtown Buffalo, WY

Buffalo’s history can’t compare to those of Arnold or Falmouth. However, Buffalo’s downtown is quaint and historic, with magnificent old buildings and rich history. Buffalo, Wyoming’s downtown is perfect for a stroll or, even better, a self-guided walking tour. A tour guide will show you the city’s most exciting places and tell you fascinating anecdotes about its most famous landmarks.

People who enjoy being outside will find Buffalo a fantastic place to live. The Big Horn Mountains are beautiful in the fall when the leaves begin to change color. Cross-country skiing and other winter sports are also highly recommended in Buffalo.

Stroll at Historic Downtown Buffalo, WY
Stroll at Historic Downtown Buffalo, WY. Image: Pexels

Visit The Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum

The Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum in Buffalo is a must for any history buff. You can learn about Buffalo’s history as a railroad hub at this museum. The document also includes details on the locals’ culture and history.

You could even get to chat with the museum’s director! He enjoys interacting with museumgoers and passing on interesting information about the exhibits. The Buffalo Union Depot, which dates back to 1902, now serves as the museum’s home.

Visit The Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum
Visit The Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum. Image: Pexels

Things To Do In Buffalo WY: Closing Words

You can choose from a wide variety of exciting activities in Buffalo, Wyoming. There is a wide variety of fun things to do in Buffalo. Above is our list of recommended destinations for those who like the great outdoors and appreciate the region’s natural splendor. Enjoy your trip, and have great fun!

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