5 Best Things to Do in Isle Of Palms, SC, for A Perfect Trip

You can find the island town of Isle of Palms in Charleston, South Carolina. The vibe is laid-back, and there are many things to do to fill your day. The island’s proximity to downtown Charleston and other attractions makes it an attractive tourist destination.

Isle Of Palms, SC, is ideal for a day trip with friends or family because it doesn’t break the bank yet still has lots to do. Check the top 5 things to do in Isle of Palms to make the most of your time here.

5 Best Things to Do in Isle Of Palms

Swim at The Isle Of Palms Beach 

The beach’s popularity stems from its sunny climate and wide selection of dining options, nightlife, and retail establishments. Thanks to the sand’s smooth texture and sandy tint, you can easily find your way to the beach. It’s a nice spot to soak up some rays and unwind.

Isle of Palms Beach has a few modest yet lovely beaches. It features some superb paths for cycling. The beach has some excellent picnic areas for outdoor meals when the weather is nice. In contrast to congested cities like Bossier City, Louisiana, this is a perfect opportunity to spend time in nature and change the environment after a hard day at the office.

Swim At The Isle Of Palms Beach 
Swim At The Isle Of Palms Beach. Image: Pexels

Try Tasty and Fresh Food

Discovering dining places when traveling is one of the most exciting parts of going somewhere new and things to do in Isle of Palms. Numerous casual to luxurious dining options, ranging from seafood to pizza, are available on the Isle of Palms and the neighboring towns of Sullivan and Mt. Pleasant.

You may discover a wide variety of restaurants providing anything from seafood to Mediterranean, Asian, Italian, and French dishes, as well as BBQ and Southern-style food. To make it easier to locate what you’re looking for, WritersBlock has categorized some restaurants for you.

  • At Long Island’s Cafe, which opened its door in 1986 and has been run by the same family since then, you can get some freshest seafood. Excellent service, signature cocktails, exceptional seafood, and a diverse menu set this restaurant apart from its strip-mall counterparts.
  • Acme Lowcountry Kitchen is well-known for its local seafood specialty. The seafood has always satisfied all guests. Excellent local cuisine is what makes its name!
  • Coconut Joe’s is worth your try when looking for a family-friendly restaurant on the beach. Enjoy your meal as the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean on the covered deck, or bring the kids to the roof for family-friendly entertainment. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all available here.
  • Morgan Creek Grill has a breathtaking vista, as it is situated on the lake. In addition, there is always live music, making the atmosphere quite pleasant.

Give Water Sports A Go

Falmouth, Massachusetts, and the Isle of Palms are low-lying coastal areas; thus, water-based activities are a given for anybody who visits. Try water sports here if you and your loved ones seek exciting things to do in Isle of Palms. Some activities will satisfy everyone, whether you choose to go kayaking or parasailing.

It’s best to give these water activities a shot in the summer when the weather is nice, and the water is calm. Parasailing is fun, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned person searching for something new. And try kayaking, even if you’re not a seafarer.

Give Water Sports A Go
Give Water Sports A Go. Image: Pexels

Play Rich Man’s Sport

Playing golf is a fun and relaxing way to spend a day without requiring preparation or travel. South Carolina is home to several excellent golfing destinations, some of which are found on the Isle of Palms. The Isle of Palms Golf Club is a must-play if you stay on the island. 

The amenities available at the club are an 18-hole championship course, a driving range, a chipping green, and a golf shop. It’s worth playing golf at the Hilton Head Golf Club even if you can’t get to the island.

Enjoy Stargazing at State Park

Stargazing at the Isle of Palms State Park is a free activity that provides hours of fun for everyone visiting the island. There are several things to do in this park, including stargazing. If you’re up for the adventure, check out the park’s dark sky and learn more about the mysterious universe.

Those less confident in venturing into the dark sky region can still participate in the stargazing program by relaxing in the park’s outdoor seating area and watching the performance. Wear something comfortable, bring a mobile phone flashlight to see the stargazing show, and select your trash.

Enjoy Stargazing At State Park
Enjoy Stargazing At State Park. Image: Pexels

Other Things Worth Doing Nearby

Visit the Outdoor and Farmers’ Market

Besides the best things to do in Isle of Palms, day trips to a large outdoor market or a farmers’ market might be filled with shopping. Local merchants sell everything from fresh produce to honey, handicrafts, jewelry, baked goods, souvenirs, and more at these marketplaces.

The Charleston Farmers’ Market is on the Charleston Town Green, easily accessible from the Isle of Palms. Fresh vegetables, fish, meat, and other goods are just some of the things you can find on sale at this outdoor market.

Dine at the Local Restaurants

The local eateries are great for a day excursion with many dining alternatives. Rather than going to great lengths to sample different flavors, you may do so with this simple strategy. Your first visit should be at Lulu’s in Charleston’s Old City. Shrimp and grits, fried oysters, chopped salads, and more are some of the traditional Southern meals available at this eatery.

Dine at the Local Restaurants
Dine at the Local Restaurants. Image: Pexels

Try the native food in Charleston and the Isle of Palms, then head farther north to Rocky Mount to sample the distinctive food and go sightseeing.

Visit The Charleston & Summerville Districts

The Charleston and Summerville Districts are must-sees for any history lover or anybody interested in learning more about Charleston’s rich past. These neighborhoods are a pleasant day excursion from Charleston. Some of the oldest buildings here date back to the late 18th century.

Plantations and gardens popular in the 18th century can be visited by tourists interested in the history of plantation life and the people who worked the fields. St. Philip’s Parish, the oldest church in SC, is in the Charleston District. The church was initially built in 1670 and renovated in 1876. Your day excursion should begin here, on Broad Street.

Things to Do in Isle Of Palms: Final Thoughts

If you’re in the area, make the most of the beautiful scenery and the best things to do in the Isle of Palms. Pack up your stuff, and lose yourself in paradise in South Carolina!

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