Can’t-Miss Things to Do in Lancaster Ohio for Wanderlusts

Lancaster, Ohio, is a pleasant spot to start getting to know a new area. Just an hour’s drive from Cleveland and Columbus, the city is well-located for daytrippers who want the comforts of coming home at sunset.

As a result of its less-than-impressive feel, Lancaster attracts fewer tourists than more popular destinations like Dublin, Novi, and Richmond. However, let’s look at “things to do in Lancaster Ohio,” and several reasons to plan a trip here.

Tourist Attractions in Lancaster, Ohio

The city has a long and exciting history, and it is making move into the future. Lancaster’s rapid expansion has helped it earn a spot among the state’s most popular destinations. 

A few exciting and original events in the city every year are St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, Pumpkin Harvest Festival, and Red, White, and Blue Celebration.

Lancaster is a city that experiences all four seasons. Although winter could be better, it can provide fun activities such as snowball fights, ice skating, and sledding. The spring and fall seasons are good for visiting parks and gardens.

The city has been recognized for its abundance of excellent eateries, including cafés, cafes, and fine dining restaurants.

Special Activities for Everyone to Join

There is a wide variety of things to do in Lancaster, Ohio for the whole family. The AHA! A Hands-On Adventure, A Children’s Museum is an excellent place for kids. The museum features several interactive exhibits intended to inspire creative thinking. Try building a house, digging up a dinosaur, or doing other innovative scientific investigations.

AHA! A Hands-On Adventure, A Children's Museum
AHA! A Hands-On Adventure, A Children’s Museum. Image: AHA!

A footpath winds through the Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve, passing through slopes, large rock outcroppings, and fern-edged walkways amid an old-growth forest. The first inhabitants of the land dubbed the stones they used to decorate for the holidays “Christmas Rocks” due to their fern-like look.

Mount Pleasant in Rising Park is great for hiking if you want to see the breathtaking vistas of Lancaster. One of the best views in all of Ohio can be had from Mount Pleasant, which looks out over Lancaster and the hills in the distance. At Rising Park, use the beautiful lake, bring the kids to the playground, and have a picnic in one of the numerous picnic shelters—all without spending a dime.

Sherman House Museum is a must-see for anybody interested in American history or the Civil War. Check out General William Tecumseh Sherman’s house amid the Civil War. The entire estate has been decorated to seem like it was built in the nineteenth century. The Sherman family archive, Civil War memorabilia, and even a reproduction of a field tent are all on display at the museum.

Food & Drinks in Cafés and Restaurants

Lancaste has a wide variety of cafés and restaurants serving American and Asian dishes. The pizza, sandwiches, and charcuterie at the Rockmill Brewery are some of the best in the city. There is a certain vibe here that you won’t find just anywhere.

Get some good Irish food and have a good time at O’Huids Gaelic Pub in Boston. After you order one of their signature drinks, an Irish lager or a stout, pair it with an order of Irish Nachos. Order the Fish and Chips, tackle the William Wallace, or dig into some Eire Eggrolls and enjoy the scratch-made fare.

Cafés and Restaurants in Lancaster Ohio
Cafés and Restaurants in Lancaster Ohio. Image: Ale House 1890

Cherry Street Pub is a traditional English pub with a rustic appeal, popular among locals in Lancaster. After a century, patrons may still dine and drink at The Pub, which features a menu of unique dishes and drinks.

There are several excellent bakeries and ice cream parlours in the city, so if you’re seeking something sweet, your cravings will be satisfied. Donut World is open every day of the week, with a large selection of doughnuts prepared from scratch. Doughnuts aren’t the only sweet treat at Donut World; cinnamon buns, cream horns, and bismarcks are all available. Guests of all ages, young and old, will have a good time here.

A Perfect Destination for Wanderlusts

Lancaster is perfect for wanderlust. Ohio has plenty of beautiful natural attractions to be explored on foot or using the state’s free trolley system.

Check out the Lancaster Farmers Market for tasty treats and a chance to meet the locals. In addition to being a stop on the Green Thumb Trail, the Lancaster Farmers Market is one of the best outdoor places in Ohio, with beautiful seasonal flowers and delicious locally-grown produce. Get yourself stocked on all your favorite local goods, including jellies, jams, soaps, and more!

The Green Thumb Trail
The Green Thumb Trail. Image: consistentlycurious

Shop til you drop for vintage products, boutique clothing, and handcrafted trinkets at Lancaster’s Vintage & Made Markets at the Round Barn. Take your time if you see people entering the market pulling empty wagons. This is because lovely items such as plants, home décor, furniture, and cute boutique clothing are abundant.

Closing Words – Things to Do in Lancaster Ohio

See what Lancaster, Ohio, offers if you need a change of scenery. The city has a long and storied heritage but is not mired in the past. Instead, the city has embraced the future and now offers a high standard of living. Make it your new destination, and there will be many things to do in Lancaster, Ohio. And you’ll quickly learn why this spot is so loved by those who call it home!

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