10 Great Things To Do In Novi For Every Traveler

Novi is a city in Michigan that is home to several exciting attractions and well-known landmarks. Whether you want to stay for a weekend or a long term, you’ll have many things to do in Novi. Take advantage of your time in Novi by visiting some fantastic venues below.

About Novi, MI

Let us lead you on a new excursion if you’ve ever appreciated the artistic journey between Detroit and Fort Lauderdale. It’s about 25 miles northwest of Detroit and another 8 miles west of the city’s western boundary. 

Novi is a dynamic city in Oakland County, MI, USA. It has one of the state’s most dynamic economies, for which it is well-known. Ann Arbor’s downtown is just around 25 miles to the northeast, and it’s also easy to travel there. You won’t find anything like the thrills available in this beautiful city.

About Novi, MI
About Novi, MI. Image: Pexels

10 Great Things to Do in Novi

If you don’t feel like racking your brain for hours trying to come up with things to do in Novi, our WritersBlock team will give you a few suggestions.

Visit Full Throttle Adrenaline Park Novi

This park is a worth-visiting place of interest. A lot of young people are flocking to this go-kart track these days. One can compete in high-speed karts whether they are a novice or a professional. Other fun activities, such as VR and experimenting in the Rage Room, might prove fascinating. We can guarantee that your time spent here will be memorable.

Play at Novi Bowl Family Fun Center

Places like those are great for multigenerational gatherings. You and your loved ones can play billiards and video games and dine at the center’s restaurant. Also, you’ll feel good about yourself knowing that you’re helping to support the bowling alley’s worthwhile philanthropic endeavors just by showing up to play.

Play at Novi Bowl Family Fun Center
Play at Novi Bowl Family Fun Center. Image: Pexels

Join Backyard Ax Throwing League

At Novi, there is a unique ax throwing competition known as BATL (Backyard Ax Throwing League). The intensity of BATL games is heightened by using a sophisticated digital scoring system. Ax throwing is exciting, but you can always buy some distinctive food or refreshing beverages if you are hungry or thirsty.

Take a Stroll at Lakeshore Park

Forests, wetlands, and a glistening river await you in Lakeshore Park. Consider strolling one of the park’s paths for a more sedate way to decompress and take in the sights while getting some exercise and fresh air. Bring additional grilled food to eat on the road if you’re taking the family on a trip.

Enjoy Nightlife at 29 Novi

For those looking for a place with a raucous nightlife and a fun crowd, 29 Novi is the place to go. In this safe and welcoming space, you are welcome to dance the night away, have some tasty beverages, and make some new friends. Although walk-ins are welcome, reserving a table in advance will ensure your greater comfort.

Enjoy Nightlife at 29 Novi
Enjoy Nightlife at 29 Novi. Image: Pexels

Visit the Detroit Selfie Museum

The Detroit Selfie Museum is a must-see for any self-portrait enthusiast passing through Novi. It has over forty one-of-a-kind displays, including Tiffany boxes, graffiti walls, and dozens of other unusual settings. It also connects guests with skilled photographers to guarantee memorable snapshots.

Watch 3D Emagine Novi Movies

It’s recommended that all visitors to Novi make at least one trip to Emagine Novi. There are 3D movies here, and the surround sound is really good. You can watch movies, eat popcorn and candy, and drink from the bar.

Explore Lovely Paradise Park

The park spans around 10 acres and features mini-golf, a climbing wall, and arcade games for adults and kids. You can bring your loved ones here to experience the thrill of these activities. Near Paradise Park, you’ll also find a wide variety of restaurants and bars.

Explore Lovely Paradise Park
Explore Lovely Paradise Park. Image: Pexels

Ice Skate at Novi Ice Arena

Skating is a fun activity that you can enjoy in Novi. You can get quick instruction when you aren’t confident in your skating skills. And if you go with a big bunch of pals, ice hockey is a must. There are two cafés within the rink where you can relax after a game.

Solve Puzzles at Escape Room Novi

Bring a group of puzzle-loving pals to Escape Room Novi. Here, you need to use all your skills to escape the room. This place provides about 30 themed chambers for families and friends to explore. Simple to difficult problems will offer you a sensation of excitement as you solve each question individually.

Other Worth-visiting Locations


The distance between Novi and Livonia in a car is only 14 miles. Must-in do’s Livonia include going to Greenmead Historical Village, checking out the artwork at Art Is In Market, eating at Caterpillar Rolls, shopping for produce at Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market, and attending a concert by the Livonia Symphony Orchestra. You can expect to be surprised by these pursuits.

Farmington Hills

From Novi, a trip to Farmington Hills only takes 8 minutes across 7 miles. Visitor “magnets” in Farmington Hills include the city’s many appealing attractions and pleasant environment. Heritage Park’s outdoor pursuits, the breakfast at Sunrise Cafe, a stroll through Farmington Hills Nature Center, or a round of golf at Farmington Hills Golf Club are all worth your time. The hills are beautiful and worth a trip.

Farmington Hills
Farmington Hills. Image: Pexels

Bloomfield Hills

It’s around a 23-minute journey from Novi to Bloomfield, about 31 miles away. Bloomfield Hills is home to the Cranbrook Institute of Science, Franklin Cider Mill, The Maple Theater, Affleck House, and the Detroit Skating Club.

Things to Do in Novi: Closing Words

Plan carefully for a special and unforgettable time. You and your beloved will have a wonderful time with many great things to do in Novi.

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