7 Best Things to Do in Rocky Mount, NC For Globetrotters

Central North Carolina’s picturesque piedmont area is home to the city of Rocky Mount. Its previously thriving textile industry has given way to its current prominence as a cultural center, with a flourishing arts scene and enough leisure pursuits to keep its citizens occupied all year.

Here are the 7 best things to do in Rocky Mount NC, for you to plan your next vacation. Many of Rocky Mount, North Carolina’s attractions, from its historic sites to its locally brewed cider and beer, offer more bang for your buck and won’t take up much of your time.

7 Fun Things to Do in Rocky Mount NC

Explore the Gilded Age Historic District

Some of Rocky Mount’s richest people previously lived in what is now known as the Gilded Age Historic District. The neighborhood’s proximity to the textile mills in the late 19th century led to a building boom in the region. The area also had Rocky Mount’s first electric trolley system, which used power from a dam.

The place is a unique destination for history lovers since so much of its original architecture and atmosphere remain. Visitors can explore the area independently with a map and some walking directions or hire a local guide to show them around.

Explore the Gilded Age Historic District
Explore the Gilded Age Historic District. Image: Pexels

Visit the Ruth Paine House Museum

One of the activities to do in Irving, Texas, is to visit the Ruth Paine House Museum, and the art museum in Rocky Mount is worth your visit. The museum has many impressive modern works by artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol. It also has some shows by artists in the country and the world so that people can enjoy both modern and contemporary art.

In addition, the museum hosts both permanent and temporary exhibitions, including works by painters such as Camille Pissarro of the French Impressionist school. Rocky Mount’s art museum is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 AM on Tuesdays through Saturdays and is situated at 300 East Fifth Street. Members and kids go in for free, while non-members must pay $5.

Visit the Ruth Paine House Museum. Image: Pexels

Attend Live Theater Near Rocky Mount, NC

Going to a play is an excellent way to experience the artistic side of a city. Fortunately, Rocky Mount hosts many theatrical performances, from comedy concerts to plays and musicals. Check the theater’s official website for what performances will be playing in Rocky Mount during your stay.

Hit Up the Rocky Mount’s Breweries

If you’re into unique beverages like craft cider or beer, Rocky Mount is the place to go. There are one cider and two craft breweries in the city, so you can take your pick of beverage-related souvenirs home.

If you’re looking for a brewery to visit in Rocky Mount, NC, we suggest Revolution Brewing Co. at 210 East Fifth Street, where you can try a wide range of local ciders, beers, or distinctive food. 

Let’s say you’re considering paying one of the local cideries a visit. The apples used to make Old Well Cider Co.’s hard ciders are produced in the piedmont area, so you should check them out if you’re in the area. At 110 East Fifth Street, Old Well Cider Co. is a popular stop for locals and visitors in Rocky Mount.

Hit Up the Rocky Mount’s Breweries
Hit Up the Rocky Mount’s Breweries. Image: Pexels

Stroll Around John T. Bryan Trailhead

This place is excellent for you to get some workouts. The John T. Bryan Trailhead in Rocky Mount has both unpaved and paved routes from the trailhead, making it ideal for walking or jogging. There’s a dog park right at the trailhead for you to take Fido for a stroll, no matter when you visit.

Sightsee the Local Food Scene

If you are wondering about the best places for dining in rocky mount NC, the Food & Beverage Festival is a convenient place to start. Every year in the fall, people from all over the world gather for this festival to sample food and drink, learn from experts, and compete in various events. 

The festival is a fantastic opportunity to taste the most sumptuous cuisine and discover what makes it tick. It is also a splendorous place to get a feel for Rocky Mount’s culinary culture.

Stay at Tiny House Hotel River & Twine

River & Twine is NC’s only tiny home hotel. For those who want to “keep it small, y’all,” it’s worth your stay there. Here, you stay in some of the most lovely tiny houses in North Carolina. Also, there are 20 tiny houses to pick, and outside there is a lot of room to have a bonfire or swing a hammock.

Tiny House Hotel River & Twine
Tiny House Hotel River & Twine. Image: morethanmainstreet

River & Twine is on the Rocky Mount Mills Campus, so it’s within walking distance of some food and drinks places.

Things to Do in Rocky Mount NC: Closing Words

For avid travelers, it’s worth venturing out into the region around Rocky Mount if you’re looking for extra adventure during your stay. Burlington, Greensboro, and Durham provide various entertainment options, from museums and festivals to shopping and restaurants. Many of the things to do in Rocky Mount NC are kid-friendly, making them great for family get-togethers.

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